...What is Cody listening to right now?

This here's the stuff that floats Cody's pirate ship.

1/24/12- Humpmuscle, "Boots and Shadows." It looks like you let yourself down easy, with good local rock.

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12/32/11- Shooter Jennings. "Hair of the Dog." Yes indeed.

11/11/11- Willie Nelson, "Highway Man." Actually, this wasn't just Willie. Great song, but it never woulda been the same if Cash, Jennings, and Kristofferson hadn't slung their guns alongside him.

3/16/11 - Frank Zappa, "Mary Lou"; from "You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore Vol. 4" -- Zappa drops some of the fattest, meanest live grooves on record. Bar none. This band just kills. So much attitude in every sound. I love the story line, and only Zappa can get away with a chorus line like "Jumped in my kitty & drove afar"; on this particular album, this is a live concert finale: at 2:15. Unreal band workout. And let's be honest, for these guys, this is like the simple stuff. Because Zappa only hired phenoms. You need to hear this version. It blows the doors off the album version.

3/3/11 - I've been clinically addicted to Nada Surf's beautiful "Hyperspace" for the past week. Undeniably excellent rock song. Reminds me of whispers of Guster's "Amsterdam," only with more pomp & swank in the attitude evoked. I tossed up a nice grainy video of it live @ SXSW from '08 on my FB page... This song: its just got perfect balance. Big fan of the album, too. Check it, fellow rock lovers.

3/1/11 - I spent some time with the Meat Puppets Album "Too High to Die" over the past few days, and really to a shine to "Roof with a Hole." Its a great blues tune, and its placement on the album between the hopping & melodically peppy, snappy & lyrically absurdist/sardonic "Station" & their biggest hit, "Backwater", in the context of the disc, is just amazing. Listening to the CD all the way through a few times, uninterrupted, with headphones, really made me change the way I thought about the Puppets, and their writing. It is worth the time investment. You should listen, if you've got it.