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10/13/22 -- Hey Y'all. Finally updating the site for 2022. Lots of dead links shall rise from the grave! W000! Lots of shows, lots of fun. Share the love! Thank y'all, ye PBR Pirates!!!

8/22/14 - REQUEST PBR on the Radio! WERU & WKIT: That's right, Folks: y'all can request our songs from the Tallboy Album on WERU in the Midcoast and on WKIT in Bangor/Central Maine. BEST REQUEST TIMES FOR WERU: Local music gets played the most during the "Wicked Good Music Hour" (Saturdays from 5 - 6 PM) and Americana is the genre for their morning drive program, "Morning Maine" (6 - 9 AM Monday through Friday).

BEST REQUEST TIMES FOR WKIT: Local music gets played on "Homemade Jam" (Thursdays from 11pm - hosted by Dave Isaac).

AND way up in Downeast Maine: WSHD 93.3FM (pushing out 100 watts!): Monday & Thursday 4-7pm, you can request PBR on "Bob up on the Hill"

AND WUMM 91.7FM on the radio dial - the University of Maine at Machias! Request line: 207.255.1371 email: wumm@maine.edu

10/23/13 - Today, we've decided to ditch the ol' HTML news for good. You can look through this for archival purposes, but there ain't gonna be no more html news posts. At least not in the forseeable future. Check out our Tumblr, Facebook, Reverbnation, and Blogger sites for up-to-date news (most of which have feeds and/or links here on the main PBR site. Thanks y'all!

10/20/12 - Tonight marks PBR's 90th concert of 2012. Its been a busy year on the road supporting our Tallboy CD. Thanks go out to so many for supporting our non-stop musical travels & adventures! Y'all're invited to come down to the Rock Harbor Bar in Rockland, ME to celebrate #90 with us!

Brand new T-shirts are hot off the press and on sale. The artwork compliments the Tallboy Disc. Catch tonight's show and get your hands on one!

6/4/12 - New colors for site. Matches the new CD. Y'all like?

6/1/12 - New live video footage here.

2/29/12 - PBR website upgrade. We got a new look, yo!

12/28/11 - We've recently added the PBR Tumblr blog to our news feed. From now on, the majority of news updates will be fed to this page via Tumblr and Facebook. Cheers!

10/9/11 - Pitch Black Ribbons has had a quick, short 2 weeks off from touring. Which was nice. We've been so busy as of late, which explains the long gaps of updating here on the news section. FB is much easier to update from the road, so again, check it for the most up to date info. However, show dates are easiest to upate here on the google calendar from the van - there's some humorous irony... Anyway, we've had some time to spend with fam, & friends, and time to run through some new material, songs that we'll hopefully unveil in a live setting in the upcoming months. So get ready for new sounds! We're excited about the new material, & we hope you are anticipating it too...

7/30/11 - OK. So tonight, we're just now wrapping up the 15th show of this month's tour, appropriately, I think, in our old stomping grounds of Portland, Maine @ Slainte Wine Bar. Needless to say, we've been kicking out the jams all over New England lately, and've been wicked busy, thusly. So I wanted to take a moment today to say: THANK YOU ALL - for coming out to support our endeavors, for buying the t-shirts & CDs, for clapping, cheering, and shaking our hands after the music is over. You people are the reason we're out here on the road, sharing our new sound and new music. If you've been to a show or two, or more, PLEASE take some time to share our music with your friends. Its important. Talk to your friends about our band. Spread the word. And BRING them out to a show!!! Because YOU are the way that the MUSIC get discovered. Its all thanks to you. See you out there soon... - Cody & Clint

6/10/11 - A whole lot has been happening for PBR since the last "news" update on the official site. Sorry 'bout that. Stay tuned to current info on facebook, accessible through this site (contact). We've been touring a lot, with 15 upcoming shows currently, & more in the works. But we need your help people! Share our reverbnation players & widgets! Become fans on FB, and by all means SHARE our music & tell your friends about us! Additionally, on Reverbnation, you can now finally BUY OUR SONGS!!!! And don't forget, CDs and T-shirts are available at live shows! Where we hope to meet up with you soon! Party on with PBR! - Cody

4/20/11 - Happy 4:20 everyone! Last week's shows were excellent & fun. We will see you all this sat. the 23rd at our new date at the Bear Brew Pub. Orono is ready to be rawked by the Ribbons. Be there or waste your life.

New photos going up this week from our 3 shows in Portland/Cape E. Also, if you pray really hard to Pan, Bacchus, & the goat god, you might see some new Videos as well. Stay tuned...

3/3/11 - New date @ Rose Garden! New song "Tallboy" exclusive - up on Facebook for listening today, check it out! Uploading to our player soon... FB comments welcome!

2/28/11 - Our thoughts go out to family, friends, & fans of Ian Parker. Ian, we raise a glass to you. A great musician & friend has left us. You are missed.

2/25/11 - on the proverbial horn with some venues, the cogs are turning for new show dates, folks... You'll know when we know.

2/24/11 - Scoot on over to the PBR contact page and sign up for our mailing list. Get show info beamed to your whateverpod, mobile, email, or whathaveyou...

2/20/11 - New site upgrades. New new Bio. New navigation links. I call it: PBR 3.0.

2/15/11 - New "Love" video up (posted last night), & added to PBR video player. New videos coming very soon! Expect all future video content to be featured right here on pitchblackribbons.com

2/14/11 - The new site is LIVE! You're looking at it... Enjoy :)

2/10/11 - Welcome to the new site! Cody's been learning lots about HTML code & such just for this site. We hope you enjoy the redesign.

2/6/11 - PBR says: Drink Plenty of PBR during the Superbowl, peeps! Rock!

2/5/11 - New Website in the works. Be very prepared. It will kick the pants off the old one...

10/30/10 - NEW MUSIC!

Check out Waterfall or visit the Music Page to see what PBR is up to.

You'll like these sounds better than fried chicken and your mommy's lumpy gravy, this I guarantee...

10/23/10 - NEW BIO UP!

10/16/10 - NEW VIDEO! Check out the NEW VIDEO of "Your Own Drum", recorded live on 10/9/10 at the Daily Addiction in Williston, ND.

10/1/10 - Message from the Mother Ship...

Good Music Lovers of Earth:

Hi, we're PBR. Welcome to the show! We play Alt/Acoustic Blues. This site's a work progress, & will be changing daily, we're on it...

Musically speaking, we're already on the road takin' care of business. And we will be for some time to come. So check out our tunes. Visit our networks.

Sign up. Stay in the know. And of course, catch our live shows!

Currently, we're updating most frequently with Facebook, so we've added a feed here at PBR.com

See you on the road, folks.


Clint & Cody.

P.S. In the meantime, here's a link to our old 3-piece rock outfit: PHLUX (opens in a new window)